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Become a part owner in songs you like. Receive music streaming income. Reap huge profits when your songs hit it big.

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Invest in artists and their songs, an asset class previously available only to industry insiders & institutional funds

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Get access to all the data you need to find your next hit. Sonomo has an ever-growing selection of investable music. Everyone can invest.

Invest & earn

Earn a percentage of the monthly streaming revenue that your songs generate according to your ownership percentage.

Trade with others

Sell your songs to other investors when the time is right. There's a huge potential for price appreciation when your song hits it big.

Find your hit song

  • Discover investable songs from any genre - we're building the world's largest market for investable music.
  • Not a music expert? Not a problem! Sonomo is built for everyone to use. We provide the tools & data to help you find your next investment.
  • Data includes annual percentage yield, history of streaming revenue & statistics, artist metrics, and a lot more.
  • Compare songs with information beyond the financials. Use their musical profile data (ex. danceability, sentiment, energy) and their popularity scores.
  • Combine the financial and musical data points to identify patterns, build your own investment strategy, and invest in the next hit.

Invest & earn monthly

  • Invest and own a fraction of any song. Start with as little as €1.
  • Earn your share of the monthly streaming revenue generated by the songs you invest in.
  • Your share of the streaming revenue is split according to your ownership percentage. For example, owning 5% of a song gives you 5% of its future streaming revenue.
  • Sonomo automatically deposits the revenue from 120+ streaming services (like Spotify) into your account every month.
  • Investing early in up-and-coming songs & artists positions you for attractive streaming revenues as they grow popular.
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Trade with others

  • Owning songs from up-and-coming artists has huge potential for returns when a song or an artist makes it big.
  • A sudden increase in a song's popularity means more streaming income. A song's fraction price typically follows its streaming trend-line.
  • Investors can help catapult a song to fame using their influence and connections. Every song lists its investors so you can watch out for interesting ones and follow their lead.
  • Sell your fractional ownership to other interested investors when the time is right. You can trade part or all of your fractions.
  • Access & trade through Sonomo every day of the year. Every hour of the day.
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