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Free distribution to 120 streaming platforms
Keep 100% of your royalties
Distribute new music now or move your old music catalogue
The fastest connection (2-3 days to go live)

Free music distribution

Keep 100% of your royalty & Master rights while reaching over 150 streaming apps and music stores (Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and more).

Get paid faster and split your royalties with everyone on your team. All for free.

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Unlimited distribution with no hidden fees

  • Access premium DSP deals and the shortest payment settlement cycles
  • Reach over 120 music streaming apps and stores worldwide (Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, TIDAL, and more)
  • Automatically collect revenue when others use your music in their videos with our Youtube ID feature

If you think this is too good to be true, read on! We explain how we can offer free distribution.

Get your royalties faster

  • Keep 100% of your streaming royalties. We charge no fees to collect royalties and transfer money to your bank account
  • Get paid twice as fast! We pay out royalties as soon as they are confirmed by the streaming stores. We don't make you wait for them to pay us in order to pay you. We pay YOU first and WE do the waiting
  • Use our royalty split feature to automatically distribute royalty revenue among your band members, producer, manager, and other collaborators

We're the platform with the fastest payout timeline that offers its services for free.

Raise investor money on your terms

  • Raise cash by selling future royalty revenue to investors, fans, record labels, music industry veterans
  • Fund your tours, upcoming music videos, equipment purchases, pay off debt, or spend the money however you see fit
  • You control which tracks you wish to put up their future royalties for sale. You control what percentage you wish to sell for each track
  • Your other future work is fully protected. Sales of future royalties is limited to what you offer up for investors and not more. You retain creative control and direction forever

Real-time Streaming Analytics

  • Playlist placement notifications from all major DSPs
  • Real-time streaming data from Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, Amazon and more!
  • Find out which songs are being skipped (<30s play)
  • Dig deeper with filters: break it down by country, gender, age and more!

How it works

Sonomo is really straightforward to distribute through. It takes a few days to get you up and running in music stores.

Join us

Use the Get Started button on this page to start working with us. It takes about 2 minutes to join. We'll guide you through your next steps.

Upload music

After picking what you wish to release through us, all you need to do is share your music, metadata, and cover art with us. We'll let you know exactly what you need. We can also help you migrate from another distributor at no cost.

Collect revenue

We'll distribute your music to our network of 120+ music stores and streaming apps. Every month, we'll collect your royalty revenue and deposit back to your bank account.

Compare us

Music stores

Music stores and online streaming services

120+ stores

Includes Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Amazon, Pandora, YouTube, and Deezer
150+ stores

Includes Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Amazon, Pandora, YouTube, and Deezer
150+ stores

Includes Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Amazon, Pandora, YouTube, and Deezer
Pricing & fees

How much does it cost to distribute on each platform

$0 for unlimited releases. No hidden fees or add-ons to buy.
$9.95 per single or $29.95 per album
$19.99 for unlimited releases. Plenty of hidden fees and unexpected add-ons that most artists end up needing to buy.
Royalties commission

How much does the platform take from your hard-earned music royalties

0%. You keep all of YOUR royalties.
9% of your hard earned royalties.
0%. You keep all of YOUR royalties.
Raise money

Does the platform allow you to raise cash to fund your future work

Sonomo allows to raise cash debt free by selling a percentage of your future royalty rights to investors, fans, and music industry veterans.
No such feature. You're on your own.
No such feature. You're on your own.
Withdrawal fees

Does the distributor charge you fees to access and withdraw your royalties

$0 for unlimited withdrawals within EU (SEPA countries).

$3 per withdrawal outside of EU (SEPA countries).

No minimum limits to withdraw.
$10 for US wire transfers.
$25 for outside of US wire transfers.

$4.00 paper check (available US only)

$2.00 PayPal

$2.50 International ACH direct deposits
$15 for US wire transfers.
$20 for outside of US wire transfers.

$3 paper check

PayPal (Non-US resident): USD 1.00 + 2% of transaction (Up to USD 21.00)

PayPal (US resident):
USD 1.00 + 2% of transaction (Up to USD 2.00)

Support & help

Level of support expected from each platform

Account manager will personally help you achieve your goals and answer your questions.

Chat & email & self service support included.
Chat & email & self service support included.
Email & self service support included.

Frequently Asked Questions

What streaming platforms do you support?


7 Digital
Ami Entertainment
Apple Music
Dreamus Company (FLO)
Facebook Audio Library
Facebook Fingerprinting
Facebook Video
Facebook Video Fingerprinting
Genie Music
Jaxsta Music
Jio Saavn
Kuack Media
LINE Music
Music Worx
Naver Music  
NetEase Cloud Music
Nuuday A/S  
Pretzel Rocks  
TIM Music
TouchTunes / PlayNetwork Triller
United Media Agency (UMA)
Yandex Music
YouTube Music & Content ID
Zing MP3

Label only:

Do you really offer free music distribution services? What's the catch?


There's no catch whatsoever. We offer 100% free music distribution service. No hidden or upgrade fees. In fact, we will never ask for your credit card or try to deduct any fees from the royalties we collect on your behalf.

Does the artist or rights holder maintain their Master rights?


Yes. If you're an artist or a Master rights holder, you will retain 100% ownership of your rights.

Do you only distribute and collect from online streaming apps and stores?


Yes, we only distribute to and collect royalty revenue from online streaming stores on your behalf.

What online music streaming apps and stores do you work with?


We distribute your music to all the major streaming stores including Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, Prime Music, and 120 more.

How are you able to offer free music distribution? How do you make money?


We don't charge the artists to distribute music or to process their royalty revenue. Our business generates money by allowing music investors to invest in your music (with your approval of course!) and we make money by charging these investors fees to invest and access our music royalties marketplace.

Do you charge any fees for depositing royalties to my bank account?


No, we don't charge for that service. It's completely free to use.

Do you offer royalty splits? Is it free?


Yes, we offer automated royalty splits on a track by track basis. We don't charge any fees to use this service. You can invite as many collaborators as you want.

Can I stop using your services at any time?


While that would make us really sad, you can stop using our services at any time. There are no minimum commitments to using our distribution services. Just make sure you move out all of your music to the distributor you are moving to (if you already have music distributed through us). Our support team can help you with moving out when needed.

Can I start by distributing just a few of my songs with you?


You can choose to distribute as little as one song if you wish. We're not pushy. A lot of artists start testing us out using one song. Then they end up moving their entire catalog. It's really up to you.

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