How to add Sonomo to your Spotify for Artists account

This will take a couple of minutes to complete. 'Spotify for Artists' web app only supports adding users from a desktop computer. If you're on a mobile device, you can complete this step later on. You'll still be able to continue using Sonomo.

Step 1

Log in to using your artist account (you have to be the admin on the account).

Step 2
Click on the 3 dots menu (aka Kebab menu) in the top left.

Step 3
Select 'Your teams', then the team you want to invite Sonomo to (if you’re in multiple teams).

Step 4
Fill in the following information:

First name: Sonomo
Last name: Sonomo
Business email:
Role: Digital
Company: Encore Capital BV

For access level, choose 'Viewer'.

Step 5
Click on 'Send Invite'.

That's it! Sonomo will verify your 'Spotify for Artists' account in the background. You can continue using Sonomo.

You can also watch this video to follow the same steps

But you must use the information provided in Step 4 above to fill in the appropriate Sonomo information.