Royalty Splits

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What is a Royalty Split?

Royalty splits are an easy way to automatically pay multiple owners of a song. When a song has multiple owners, Sonomo can make things easy by automatically splitting monthly royalty payments according to how you've defined the specific song's Royalty Split.

A Royalty Split is a permanent record outlining who owns the song's original rights. In addition to the artist, typical members of the royalty split can be a label, a producer or a contributor of any sort.

Users placed on your Royalty Split will be able to:

Who can create a Royalty Split?

Royalty Splits can only be defined by the owner of the account who initially distributed the song. This role cannot be transferred or re-assigned.

How can I create a Royalty Split?

  1. Log in to your Sonomo account and select the album you wish to setup royalty splits for
  2. Once in the album view, you'll see a "Setup royalty split" prompt next to every song. If ownership of all songs in the album is identical, you can also setup splits for all songs at once.
  3. The first place to start is your own ownership. If there are other owners, you can add them one by one, adding an email address and corresponding % owned for each owner. The total, including your own share, must add up to 100% of course. Give the details one last check before you submit to make sure there are no typos.