Turn your music catalog into cash

Independent record labels & artists use Sonomo to distribute their music and sell their future royalties in exchange for upfront cash, without giving up their rights or taking on debt.


Funding deals completed by independent artists & record labels on Sonomo.


Tracks distributed by record labels & artists through Sonomo.


Independent record labels & artists distribute their music through Sonomo.
Stop waiting years for your royalties to add up to a meaningful sum... Get the full amount today.
How it Works

Unlock your music's earning potential

Sonomo boosts your income by doing two things. First, by distributing your music across tens of DSPs using bespoke deals, resulting in more royalties for you. Second, by enabling you to sell a portion of your future royalties to investors on the Sonomo Exchange for upfront cash.
1. Distribute Music
Distribute your new or back catalogue & access premium DSP deals
2. Get Valuations
Your tracks gets suggested valuations based on their streaming performance
3. Sell Royalties
Sell your tracks' future royalties based on desired valuations
4. Receive Cash
Investors buy rights to earn future royalties from you - you get upfront cash
Distribution and aggregation

Premium distribution with no hidden fees

Premium Distribution

Distribute your music on 120+ music streaming stores globally. Access Sonomo's premium DSP deals.

Catalog Management

Highly advanced meta-data and release customization support for all major DSPs.

Royalty Management

Sonomo automatically collects royalties from all DSPs and allows you to split them with collaborators.

Monthly Payouts

Everyone gets paid monthly. Sonomo offers the shortest payment settlement cycle in the market.
Product Offering

Automated royalty collection, accounting and payouts

We’re the platform with the fastest payout timeline. We pay monthly on the 15th of every month - like clockwork.
Payment support in over 180 countries.
Split earnings with collaborators. Our automated royalty accounting system does the legwork for you. You only add collaborators once.
Detailed and transparent reporting available to every collaborator.

Get cash up-front by selling your future royalties

Sonomo allows you to sell a portion of your future royalties for up-front cash. You can use the cash to fund your next project and grow. Access up-front cash without taking on any debt.
Up-front Cash, Debt Free

Get up-front cash by selling future royalty revenue from your catalogue to investors, fans, and music industry veterans. You set the terms.

Simple & Flexible

You can sell future royalties on a track by track basis. In fact, you can sell just a portion from each track. Give Sonomo a try with just one song.

Don't Give Up Rights

When selling future earnings from royalties, you are not giving up any of your creative rights. Your Masters and Publishing rights are yours to keep.

Streaming and revenue analytics

Visualized streaming and revenue data across tracks in your catalog. View them by DSP, artist, and country.
Label admins and artists get access to Sonomo's web app to view and manage finances and download artist statements.
Real-time streaming data from Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, Amazon and other major DSPs.
Playlist reporting & placement notifications from all major DSPs.
Find out which songs are being skipped (<30s play).
Dig deeper with filters: break it down by country, gender, age, device and more!
under the spotlight

Burnin, distributed with Sonomo and 'IPOed' over a year ago, saw an increase of 82% in value

Independent artists and record labels can continue to sell their future royalties as the commercial valuation of their tracks increases, realizing even more earnings from their music.
Burnin' - Art Edit
by ANOTR and Stef Davidse
Valuation growth
Burnin' maximized its commercial value when ANOTR made it investable on Sonomo Exchange in June 2022. Its current valuation is around €44K, a 82% growth in value since the 'IPO'.
A chart showing how Burnin's valuation grew after debuting on Sonomo over a period of more than 1 year.

The figure accurately depicts Burnin's performance on Sonomo Exchange from its initial offering to September 2023. However, this is not a guarantee that your tracks will perform similarly; results may vary due to numerous factors.

Competitive product

Fully Serviced Distribution and Monetization Platform

Label Plan
€45 / month
Access financing by selling royalties on Sonomo Exchange
Keep 100% of your royalties - Sonomo charges no fees besides monthly subscription
Distribute to 100+ streaming & social media platforms
Automated royalty accounting & payments
10 releases per month
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Label Pro Plan
€90 / month
Access financing by selling royalties on Sonomo Exchange
Keep 100% of your royalties - Sonomo charges no fees besides monthly subscription
Everything in ‘Label’ plan
Youtube Content ID Monetization
Expedited same-day delivery
Royalty advance (get paid faster by 1 month)
White Label account
100 releases per month *(increase for a fee)
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Partnership opportunities

Are you a Distribution Platform or Music Rights manager/owner? Partner with Sonomo

Sonomo can help music rights owners (individuals or companies) realize the full commercial value of their music rights today. Rights owners no longer need to wait years for their royalties to gradually add up to a meaningful sum. They can cash out today.

To find out more and understand how we can help you or the rights owners:

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